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AHRQ cannot provide diagnoses or specific medical advice to individuals on their personal health conditions and situations.

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The "10 Questions To Ask Your Doctor" are on the AHRQ website at

AHRQ provides impact case studies for online access. These highlight how research and resources result in changes in clinical practice, policy, and patient outcomes or the way that evidence-based tools and findings are disseminated and implemented in the health care system. You can search the available case studies in the Impact Case Studies database.

AHRQ is interested in feedback from the private and public sectors on how our research and products impact organizations, service delivery, and quality of care. If you are willing to provide feedback on your experience with examples of use for inclusion as a featured case study, please contact the Agency at:

AHRQ provides free continuing education events in the areas of comparative effectiveness, quality and patient safety, and prevention/care management. For more information, visit the Continuing Education page.

Information for clinicians and consumers on how to quit smoking is available for free from AHRQ and other Federal resources. Visit AHRQ's page for Tobacco Users or go to

No. The formula is used for award calculation purposes only. Funds are awarded in a lump sum and grantees are free to expend these as best for their actual needs.

There is no limit on indirect costs, per se. Rather, indirect costs are limited to those prescribed in the applicant's Federally negotiated indirect cost rate agreement. An applicant has the option of waiving all or a portion of its indirect costs if it so desires.

You can be apprised of new grant opportunities from our Agency in the following ways:

For the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) T32s, tuition and fees are reimbursed at the level established in the baseline year of the grant's current 5-year competitive segment. You may not include requests for reimbursement of any escalations in tuition and fees in noncompeting continuation applications. Additional funds will not be awarded for this purpose.

"Expanded authorities" refer to a limited number of actions that normally require awarding agency prior approval but for which HHS has waived its authority and given this authority to the grantee.

For more information, go to the HHS Grants Policy Statement (PDF, 1.354 MB).

The Notice of Award will indicate whether or not your award is under expanded authorities.

The MEPS data files are posted on the MEPS website in PDF, HTML, and ASCII format, or as data files in ASCII format containing programming statements in SAS, STATA, and SPSS. Some files may be compressed ("exe" extension) or "zipped" ("zip" extension) to reduce downloading time.

Ask a question, report a problem, or give us your opinion about a specific AHRQ program.